Why do I need it?

Today, 80% of consumers say they search online FIRST when looking for a local business. Of those, 70% end up using Google for their search engine. So therefore, 50% of your potential customers are using Google to find businesses like yours. Because only a maximum of seven businesses are displayed on the first page of Google Places, it is extremely important that you as a business owner do everything possible to be included among those “lucky seven.”


Can I see an example of what you’re talking about?

Yes. Look at the image below.

Is this a pay-per-click service?

No, this is not pay-per-click advertising, or advertising at all. Pay-per-click ads appear in the top shaded portion and along the right column of the Google Search results, as shown below. Google Places is a FREE SERVICE of Google. The results are organic, or natural.


How do I get MY business to be included among the first seven Google Places results?

That is where we come in. By optimizing your Google Places listing, and combining that optimization process with “best practice” local search optimization techniques, including content generation, back-linking, directory submissions, and many other techniques. We are able to get your business to the coveted “lucky seven”, usually within 90-120 days or less.


How much does it cost?

The price for our Google Places optimization service is dependent on a couple of variables: 1. the competitiveness of the targeted keyword(s) and 2. the size of the city in which your business is located.