Social Media is a broad term that refers to all the  websites, tools and software that allow people to share and interact with each other in new ways- sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (to name just a few).

Social Media Marketing is all about gaining that social exposure in a practical way for your business. In order to win the marketing competition of the 21st century, small businesses must learn to engage their prospective customers on a social level, as opposed to the old techniques of overwhelming your prospects with advertisements and announcements. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have blurred the boundaries between those considered to be your “friends” and those considered to be your “business acquaintances.”

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How does this service help me to get more customers?

By combining the power of targeted email marketing with the social aspects of sites like Facebook and Twitter, we are able to dramatically increase the number of potential customers with whom you interact socially online. Add to that interaction the value proposition of mobile coupons, and the results can be extraordinary.

What is included with this service?

The following services are guaranteed with our Social Media Marketing program:

1) Design and Creation and/or Administration of  Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page.

2) Minimum 500 Facebook fans

3) Minimum of 10,000 emails sent each month sent to (geographically and relevance) targeted recipients encouraging them to download your mobile coupons and/or to become fans or your business on Facebook.

4) Twitter accounts set up for your business based on targeted keywords and following geographical and relevence-targeted prospects.

5) Minimum of 300 followers guaranteed.

6) Minimum of 3 tweets per week to your targeted followers.

7) Complete Mobile Coupon Program Creation, Administration and Management.

How much does it cost?


How to Use Twitter to Get Free Leads:


Here is a video I made showing you how to use Twitter to get free leads….


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