If you haven’t noticed, the whole world has gone mobile. The mobile revolution is just beginning. The next 12 months will catapult mobile as the most used method for searching the web. You might be asking how does this shift in devices effect your business? Quite simply your current website appears broken when viewed by a smart phone. Your website is so small inside that 4 inch display that the only way a viewer can view your content is by using the pinch to zoom feature assuming they even have that feature on their phone. And if you’ve ever tried it yourself you know that is not how you want to view a website on your phone.

The solution is a mobile website. A website that mobile users can instinctively interact with, view, navigate all with the use of one hand or thumb easily. This is all done by using a powerful detection and redirection script. Along with your new mobile website you’ll also have the script installed at no additional charge. This gives your website the ability to instantly know the size of the device accessing it. If the viewer has a traditional size monitor, they will see your normal website. If the device is a smart phone they will see your mobile website. The process is fast and transparent to the viewer, and you now can deliver a user friendly viewing experience to every website visitor no matter what device they use.

Below are some examples of before and after websites.