Search Engine Optimization, or  “SEO,” refers to the process of optimizing your website so that it is served up by Google and the other search engines (Yahoo, Bing etc) on the first page of the results page when people search for keywords related to the services your business provides.


Is this advertising?

No. We are talking about having your website appear in the “natural,” or “organic,” or “free” listings on the left side of the search results. Pay-per-click ads appear in the top, shaded area and down the right column of the search results, as depicted in the image below. Notice that the left side of the search results contains the free or organic listings.



How long does it take?

Because search results are determined by a complicated mathematical algorithm, which is always evolving and changing as Google (Yahoo and Bing) strives to return to the searchers the best results possible, it is impossible to give an exact time frame. However, it is fair to say that in general the more competitive the targeted key-word, the longer it will take for page one results. Contact us today for a free key-word analysis and consultation.


How much does it cost?

Again, the price of getting your targeted keyword(s) to the first page of the search engine results depends on the competitiveness of the keyword(s) in question. Contact us today for a free key-word analysis and consultation.